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Japanese Wooden Ko-omote Noh Theatre Mask

Japanese Wooden Ko-omote Noh Theatre Mask

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Lacquered Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) mask from the Post War Showa Period Japan (1945-1989). Features a Burgundy knotted silk rope at the back which can be used to hang the mask. Slight fraying to the ends as shown. Some scratches, dents and marks, and a repaired break to the underside of the chin (shown). 

8 1/4" length x 5" width 

Noh Theatre was popular predominantly between 1337-1573, and was performed on a hinoki (Japanese Cypress) stage. It is one of the worlds oldest types of theatre. The performers would use their visual appearances and movements to suggest the story rather than enact it, and the performances would often be spiritual dramas. 

Ko-omote translates literally to 'small face', and in terms of Koh masks, describes a young girl or supernatural being. 

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